Knowledge gives you a head start.

We train our customers' employees, thereby building qualifications and skills for the optimal operation of NOXMAT burner systems.
Our experts impart knowledge in a broad spectrum in a practical way in the NOXMAT Training Center in Saxony.
The courses convey basic and application knowledge for the use, operation and service of NOXMAT industrial gas burners and radiant tubes.

  • Construction, mode of operation, special design features of the NOXMAT burners
  • Construction and function of the burner control units (BCU)
  • Burner assembly, disassembly, installation and maintenance instructions
  • Burner commissioning, setting and decommissioning of burners
  • Energy efficient burner operation; Recognize and use savings potential
  • Burner faults, determining the causes, correction of faults
  • Assembly of ceramic radiant tubes as well as maintenance, leak testing, packaging and transportation

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