Noxmat burners

Reliability at work

We design and produce our burner systems in accordance with our philosophy: "Reliability at work"
We have been manufacturing industrial gas burners for over 25 years and provide them with maximum reliability and user-friendliness.
Energy efficiency, robustness and ease of service are the guidelines for us when developing our innovative burner solutions.
In this way, we guarantee the operators of industrial thermoprocessing plants trouble-free, efficient and resource-saving production with the highest product quality - day after day.

We offer products for all areas of heating of industrial thermoprocessing plants:   

  • RHGBS "ETAMAT" series - innovative recuperative burners with an efficiency of up to 90%  
  • K-RHGB-RN "REMAT" series - efficient recuperator burners as retrofit solution for existing systems   

  • RHGB series - proven steel recuperator burners with high efficiency

  • K-RHGB series - ceramic recuperator burners for application temperatures up to 1300 ° C

  • K-RHGBE series - inexpensive ceramic high-speed burners with an integrated recuperator burner tube   

  • HGBE series - high-speed burners for direct and indirect heating of industrial furnaces