What we offer you

The competent NOXMAT service team is familiar with any and all activities around heating equipment of gas-heated industrial furnaces. Our technicians have got the status “Expert for thermos-processing installations” and are provided with complete technical measuring equipment required.Our motto is: Best in Class!


to maintain the new state of the heating facility on your installation.

As defined, maintenance implies a measure taken to maintain the desired state. And that is what our service team is all about, namely, to maintain the new state of the heating facility on your installation and/or to restore it so that you can produce efficiently and trouble-free.


for saving potentials on your industrial furnaces.
Optimisation or efficiency enhancement is quite rightly regarded as supreme discipline of maintenance. Very often, there are saving potentials slumbering on the industrial furnaces which cannot be immediately detected by the end-user and can be opened-up frequently by relatively simple measures.


to enhance product quality.
Retrofit or refurbishment features an option to new investments. We refurbish your burners and/or burner components whereby you may achieve savings of up to 30 %.


For more information write us at service@noxmat.de