First contacts of the AICHELIN Corporate Group with Saxony regarding the subject “Gas application” at the German Fuel Institute in Freiberg/Saxony (DBI) where long-term experience has already been acquired in the field of recuperated burners. On behalf of AICHELIN, the burners are improved as regards environmental compatibility and a new burner generation developed.


Foundation of the company AICHELIN Development Centre and Aggregate Construction mbH as independent Saxon business under the management of Mr Rudolf Distl and the Manager of the Oederan works Mr Dr Wolfgang Harbeck.


Move with six employees into the new administration building with assembly shop as first investor on the newly established industrial estate of Oederan; a start for the “Boom in the East”.


Environmental Award of the Freiberg Rural District.


Trial run of the first burners in ceramic design.


Development of ceramic jacket tubes. The various burner models get their relevant designation.


Management taken-over by Mr Dr Harbeck.


Foundation of the sales office with spare-parts warehouse in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia).


Expansion by new construction of a modern production shop with development and administration building. Renaming of company to NOXMAT with 22 employees.


Foundation of NOXMAT Technique Beijing Co. Ltd. in China.


Strengthening of NOXMAT service team by takeover of the company WAC.


The long-standing Manager Mr Dr Wolfgang Harbeck enters his well-earned retirement. His successor Matthias Wolf makes use of his experience acquired abroad to open-up new markets world-wide and to conclude co-operation agreements with partners in Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain,   the Benelux countries, Russia, Scandinavia, Iran, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, and the United States.


ETAMAT – a new burner generation with utmost energy efficiency enters the market on the occasion of the 25-year corporate anniversary. The workforce is comprised of 31 employees.